What is hybrid wedding photography?

Hybrid wedding photography is when your wedding photographer captures both photos and video on your wedding day, so you get a highlights video as well as your wedding photos. While hybrid shooting by your photographer can in no way reproduce the results of hiring a dedicated videographer for your wedding, it does offer a very affordable option if you only want a short highlights video in addition to your wedding photos.

As a hybrid photographer, my main focus is on capturing the story of your day in pictures, while also taking short video clips of key moments in a way that won't compromise your photos. These short video clips are then used to create a 'highlights video' set to a music track of your choice. You can see a wedding highlights video below and more on the Videos page of this website.

Video highlights from a Lake District wedding

This highlights video was created by taking video clips alongside the photos with additional footage from the ceremony taken using a static camera.

How does hybrid photography work?

Recent advances in digital camera technology now make it possible to switch seamlessly between photo and video modes on professional digital cameras. As a result, a photographer can move between taking photos and video literally at the flick of a switch. The Nikon gear I use is particularly well suited to hybrid photography, and performs equally well whether capturing video or photos. This means I'm able to take both high quality photos and video throughout the day without missing a beat!