From 19th July 2021 all pandemic-related legal restrictions on weddings were lifted. This means that we all now need to use our personal judgement to manage our own risk. It’s also important to consider that others may wish to take a more cautious approach than we are. We should all be considerate of this, and provide the opportunity and space for others to reduce close contacts if they wish. In addition, it should be noted that the government expects and recommends that people continue to wear face coverings in crowded areas and that anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 (and certain of their close contacts) must self-isolate.

In light of this, Guides For Brides makes the following recommendations to help ensure your wedding runs as smoothly and safely as possible:

  • To reduce the chance of you or a member of your immediate family testing positive for Covid in the days before the wedding, you should consider holding stag/hen parties more than 2 week prior to the wedding, working from home if possible in the run up to the big day and generally avoid any unnecessary social contact in the weeks before your wedding
  • As 33% of infected cases show no symptoms, it is best practice for all those attending to be taking a lateral flow test on the morning of the wedding
  • To enable those who cannot attend, due to shielding or self-isolation, to watch the proceedings you are encouraged to consider live-streaming your wedding ceremony

You can find more advice from Guide For Brides on their website at How to help your guests have fun and feel safe

Obviously your best sources of information and guidance as you plan your wedding will be your wedding planner, your venue and the officiant for your wedding. It's also worth checking the latest guidance on the government's website Click here for government guidance for wedding and civil partnership ceremonies, receptions and celebrations and on the Cumbria Registration Service website Click here for more information on Cumbria Registration Service website.

In addition, should any new restrictions require it, I'm also ready to help in any way I can - including modifying your package, adapting my approach, changing your date, LIVE streaming your wedding ceremony, switching to a different venue or refunding your deposit.