Once you've accessed your gallery of images from your wedding day, you'll want to download them to use as you wish, including viewing your images offline, sharing them on social media, printing images whenever you wish and saving your wedding pictures for the longer term. Your gallery will have been set up to allow you to download all your photos at once in both full resolution (best quality, suitable for printing) and web-size (2048 pixels on longest side for viewing on screens). You can also download your images individually at full resolution. 

How do I download all my images at once?

At present, it's only possible to download all your images at once to a laptop or desktop computer (either iOS or Windows), though you can download images individually to mobile devices including phones and tablets (both iOS and Android). Watch the short video below to see how to download all of your images or specific sets of images.

Gallery Download Tutorial

Click on Play button to see how to download images from the gallery.

The file size of your full resolution images can be quite large, so your photos will download in a compressed 'zip' format to speed up the download. Windows 10 and more recent version of OS X, have an 'unzip' utility built in, so you can just click on the downloaded folder to unzip it and access your photos.

What if I don't have a laptop or desktop computer?

If you don't have access to a laptop or desktop computer, then you can request an alternative method to receive your full resolution photos - either a direct download link via an alternative service or on a USB drive. There is, however, likely to be a small charge for these alternative delivery methods - please contact Simon Hughes Photography for more details and prices. In the meantime, you can download images individually to any device.

How do I download images individually?

To download any image from your gallery, simply tap on the image you want to download (hover cursor over or click on  image if using laptop or desktop) and look for the download icon (downwards arrow). Tap on or click the download icon to download your image. The first time you download an image, you'll be asked to enter your email address and the 4-digit PIN you'll have received when you were sent your gallery link. Then just follow the instructions to download the selected image to your device. You won't need to do this for subsequent downloads.

How should I store photos longer term?

Once you've downloaded your images or received them on a USB drive, you'll want to think about how to preserve them for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. Best practice for achieving this is to keep multiple copies of each image stored in multiple different ways and in multiple different places and then to refresh them from time to time as technology changes. Different methods to consider using might include storing your photos electronically on your computer or mobile device, on a local backup drive, in the cloud on a service such as iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox or similar and in hard copy paper form as prints or in an album.

And don't forget, sharing your photos with friends and family can also help to reduce the risk of losing you photos in the future!