Smoke bombs are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, so here are some tips to ensure you make the most of using smoke bombs at your wedding while getting some awesome pictures of you and your squad!

1. Check with your venue

Before doing anything else, check that your venue is happy for you to use smoke bombs at your wedding! Some venues may not allow smoke bombs, while others may restrict their use to particular locations around the grounds. So, it's well worth checking with your venue before you go ahead and buy any smoke bombs, as good quality smoke bombs can be quite expensive.

If your venue is happy for you to use smoke bombs, it's worth asking them if they can provide a metal bucket or wine cooler filled with water to place spent smoke bombs in after use.

2. Plan With Your Photographer

Working alongside the venue, your photographer will be able help you make the most of your smoke bombs. Based on your chosen venue and wedding day plans, your photographer will be able to advise on when and where to include them in the day - often around sunset in a more sheltered spot is the best. Your photographer will also be able to make suggestions about how to enjoy your smoke bombs to the max while getting some great photos for your album.

WARNING 1: There's a small risk of staining dresses and other fabrics, but this can be avoided by holding them at arms length or placing them a few feet behind you depending on the type of photo you want. If you want to be super sure, you can get white smoke bombs rather than coloured ones which reduces the risk of staining even further. I've never had any problems of this sort, but have heard of others who have, so I mention it here.

WARNING 2: Smoke bombs can get very hot, especially at the end where the smoke is emitted from, so do talk to your photographer about how to use them safely.

3. Purchase Your Smoke Bombs

I don't usually recommend particular brands, but in the case of smoke bombs, I make an exception and strongly recommend buying them from a company called Enola Gaye as their smoke bombs are by far the best (reliable, safe and long lasting) that I've used.

While Enola Gaye make several different smoke bombs, I'd advise getting some WP40: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenades if you plan on holding them for your photos - as in the pictures here. They last for around 90 seconds and come in a variety of colours as well as white, so you should be able to match your style and colour scheme.

Alternatively, you can buy EG18: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenades which are ideal for placing on the ground behind you to create a smoke screen backdrop for some fun photos, if you'd prefer that kind of picture. EG18 smoke grenades also come in a variety of colours as well as white.

Whichever smoke bombs you buy, it's worth buying some extras (talk to your photographer if you're not sure) so you can try a few different things with them.

4. Get things organised

Whether you just want a couple of portraits for the two of you or you want your whole squad involved, you need to remember that smoke bombs can cause injury or damage to property if used incorrectly. So, make sure you have a bucket of water handy in case of need and don't light the smoke bombs until everyone is clear on what the plan is and how to stay safe. Your photographer will be able to help with this, though they will reserve the right to call a halt to proceedings if they feel the situation is unsafe for any reason.

5. Enjoy the moment And STAY SAFE!

As smoke bombs only give around 90 seconds of smoke, everyone involved will need to light them at the same time (by pulling the ring at one end of the bomb in the case of Enola Gaye WP40 bombs) and do whatever has been planned while listening closely to any instructions from your photographer, so you have the maximum fun and get some great pictures while staying safe.

Finally, don't discard used smoke bombs on the ground or in a bin; drop them into a bucket of water and dispose of the remains later on, once they've cooled down and are wet through.

BONUS TIP - Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

As well having fun and making for some awesome pictures, smoke bombs can also be used instead of a confetti canon for a gender reveal - as seen above!