Photographing Lake District elopement and Just Us weddings is incredibly special, such a privilege and so much fun - I love them! With no guests to worry about, the day is entirely yours, so there are no limits on how you spend your special day or on the photographs you want to have - the choice is entirely yours! Whatever your reason for wanting an intimate 'just the two of us' wedding, I'd love to capture the day for you - aside from a few selfies or snaps taken by the venue's staff, your professional wedding pictures will be the only way that family, friends and future generations can become connected with and celebrate your special day. Elopement wedding photography packages start at £399. Optional add-ons are available including a personalised USB drive, a full colour storybook album and LIVE streaming or video recording of your ceremony.

For some couples, the whole idea of a Lake District elopement or 'Just Us' wedding is to keep things simple with the minimum of formality, fuss and bother - in which case I can be there to capture your day quietly and unobtrusively as it unfolds. And it's no problem if you're not that comfortable in front of the camera - neither am I, so I know exactly what it's like and how to put you at ease to get some beautiful, natural photos that will capture your magical day for you to share with friends and family.

For other couples, a Lake District elopement wedding is about casting traditions aside and doing things your own way. If that sounds like you, then I can be there to help you capture the uniqueness of your day to enjoy for years to come. And if that includes going off site from your wedding venue to make the most of the beautiful Lake District scenery, then that's no problem, I can help you find spots for environmental portraits that will wow your family and friends or just be there to document your day as you enjoy a lake cruise, fell walk, adrenalin-fuelled activity or any other of the myriad of fabulous things there are to do in the Lake District - make yours an adventure wedding!

Gorgeous Lake District elopement weddings