Newlyweds walking in field at sunset
Brides squad with smoke bombs at Hidden River Barn
Sparkler exit at Briery Wood Hotel wedding

With guests fed and speeches made, everyone can relax and get ready for the evening reception:

• If the sun’s setting as you finish your wedding breakfast, now’s a good time to get some sunset pictures down by one of the lakes or to have some fun with smoke bombs! If your venue isn’t beside a lake, I can drive you to a nearby lake and back - no one should have to drive on their wedding day!

• Alternatively, if it’s past sunset and getting dark by the end of your wedding breakfast, then we can sneak out for a couple of night portraits if you’d like that. I’ll get things set before we go out so you’ll only need to be outside for a few minutes.

• If you’re planning a sparkler moment and it’s dark enough, this can be a great time to get them lit and have some fun before heading back inside to start the evening. Make sure you get the longest sparklers possible and I’ll work with venue staff to get everyone organised so you can enjoy the moment to the max!

• Nowadays, many couples start their evening reception by cutting their cake so that venue staff can get it ready to serve later in the evening. Placing the cake table in the middle of the dance floor and cutting it surrounded by your guests is a great way to kick the evening off and get everyone in place for your first dance.

• Whether you’ve been rehearsing a choreographed masterpiece or just plan to hug and sway to the music, it’s time for your first dance! Try to keep turning during your dance so that all your guests get a chance to see you and take picture wherever they’re standing!

• If it wasn't dark enough earlier for sparklers and night portraits, you can always pop outside while your band or DJ take a break between sets and have some fun and get some great pictures before your evening food is served.

• Finally, let me know if you have anything planned for later in the evening or I’ll capture a few more dances and then leave you to dance the night away!

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Bride and groom cutting cake at Lodore Falls Hotel wedding
First dance at Inn On The Lake wedding
Bride and groom crowd surfing at Coppermines wedding in Lake District