Two brides enjoying a drink after their wedding ceremony at the Hidden River Barn
Bride and groom with guests during reception drinks at New House Farm wedding
Guests enjoy a drink after ceremony at Eden Barn wedding

After your ceremony, I'll take candid pictures while you enjoy a drink and hugs with family and friends:

  • Once everyone has had a chance to offer their congratulations, this is the best time for group photos while everyone is still together and looking their best

  • I'll draw up a list of any group photos with you before the day so you won't need to think about it on the day. Try to keep the list to fewer than a dozen photos to maximise the time for candid photos and to avoid turning your wedding day into a photoshoot!

  • Consider putting on some entertainment for your guests once group photos are done. For example, live music, garden games, a caricature artist or magician all work well and create great opportunities for candid pictures of happy guests!

  • Your reception is also a good time for some couple portraits while your guests are happily chatting or enjoying any entertainment you've arranged. Make the most of this time away from everyone as it might be the only time you get to talk to each other for the whole day!

  • Don't worry if you're not confident in front of the camera, I'm not either so I know exactly how it feels and will make it really easy for you to get some fabulous photos with the minimum of posing and direction!

  • Consider bringing some comfortable footwear (might also be good for dancing later!) and a jacket/coat/wrap if you'd like some outdoor portraits whatever the weather

  • I always have white and clear umbrellas (as well as smaller, coloured umbrellas for children) in case of rain, though you're very welcome to bring your own to match your theme or style

Yay, it's time to eat!

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Bride and groom with their children at Cragwood Country House wedding
Wedding party photo at New House Farm wedding
Bride and groom portrait at Briery Wood Hotel wedding