Brides arriving at wedding ceremony in Lake District
Bride handing bouquet to father at Lake District wedding
Bride and groom during outdoor ceremony at the Inn On The Lake

Whether you come in with your dad, your partner, another family member, a friend or by yourself, it's your big moment and the day will go by so quickly, so take your time and take it all in:

  • I'll be at the front as you come in and will usually move to the back as your guests stand for you to say your vows - or during a hymn if in church - to give you a variety of angles on your ceremony in an unobtrusive way

  • If you have a bouquet, delegate someone to take it from you so you can hold your partner's hand

  • Make sure you have a hankie/tissue to hand in case of need! You can keep it in a pocket if you have one or delegate someone to keep one at the ready so they can hand it to you at the first sign leakage!

  • Don't worry if you fluff some of your words - you'll not be the first, the ensuing laughter will relax everyone and make great photos, and your officiant will help you out!

  • Out of politeness and habit we tend to look at the person speaking to us, so remember to say your legal vows to each other, rather than looking at the officiant who will be speaking the words for you to repeat!

  • If you'd like a close-up photo of your rings as you put them on each other, try not to cover them up as you do it ( you can practise in front of a mirror if it's important to you) and try not to stress if you forget!

  • I'll take candid photos while you sign the schedule, but you can also have some staged pictures of the two of you and together with your witnesses if you'd like that once everyone has signed

  • Try to take your time as you exit your ceremony so you have time to see the smiles on your guests faces and take in the fact that you are now married!!

And finally, if you'd like a confetti exit after your ceremony (and you've checked it's OK with your venue), just let me know and I can help arrange things to make it part of your day, rather than it being just a photo opportunity.

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Couple exchanging rings during Lake District wedding
Newlyweds signing certificate at New House Farm wedding
Confetti exit after Lake District wedding at Briery Wood Country House